Saturday, June 16, 2012

Expert's Corner


I am introducing a new category here, the Expert’s Corner. Here I would try to include articles written by guest authors who are well known in the blogworld for not only their deep interest and passion for Indian Music but also for taking time to analyze certain aspects of it as well. I hope this would be a nice platform for interested authors who want to reach out to the world and share their point of view through this website. You can ‘contact me‘ if you wish to write an article here. :-)


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Raga Nalinakanthi Part - 2

Hi all,

I have updated my blog with the second part of the discussion on the beautiful and romantic raga naLinakAnthI. In the first part of raga naLinakAnthI a basic introduction to this beautiful raga was made with regard to its structure and handling along with a comparison between a close sister raga kedAram.
The second part starts with a comparison between the hindustani raga Thilak KhAmod and Nalinakanthi. Then the colours of nalinakanthi are discussed from the point of view of compositions, both classical and cinematic.
As a finishing, I have included a small composition of mine in this raga, a western-classical-indian fusion.

Do check out the post here : and leave your comments and feedback.