Musicians of India I Love

In this page, I would try to give details on some of the musicians from India who I adore.

The first Indian Musician that I want to discuss about is Sri Lalgudi G Jayaraman


Name : Lalgudi G Jayaraman
DOB  : September 17th 1930
Known for : Astounding dexterity in playing the Violin (Carnatic Style), Music Composer, Music Director
Webpage :

Why I like him?

To me, Sri LGJ is the God of Violin. I have been associated with music since, maybe when I was 4 years old or even younger. Over time I started to appreciate some music better than others. In that list, Sri LGJ's came very early. I had always felt drawn towards his music, his way of playing and his compositions have never stopped to amaze me every time I listen to them. I always believed he was a complete musician. That he is a genius is an understatement. When it came to accompanying in a concert or be it a violin solo/duet, one could make out the stamp of authority and style of his play which very few could do. I love Sri MSG, Sri TNK, Sri VVS and all the other extraordinary violinists but Sri LGJ always has had a special place in my heart because of not only his stupendous violin playing, but also because of his compositions.

His Compositions

Sri LGJ has over 60 compositions to his credit and every one is a gem on its own. His compositions include more than 20 Varnams,  about 8 Krithis and over 30 Thillanas in Tamil, Telugu and Sanskrit. He had also composed music for Operatic Ballets and also for a film, Sringaram, for which he won the National Award for Music Direction. In my blog page, when I discuss ragas and compositions, I would also discuss about LGJ's compositions. My interest in music has been kept alive because of LGJ's music.

I have updated this post with some of his recordings in my new Indian Music site.