Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Raga Nalinakanthi Part - 2

Hi all,

I have updated my blog with the second part of the discussion on the beautiful and romantic raga naLinakAnthI. In the first part of raga naLinakAnthI a basic introduction to this beautiful raga was made with regard to its structure and handling along with a comparison between a close sister raga kedAram.
The second part starts with a comparison between the hindustani raga Thilak KhAmod and Nalinakanthi. Then the colours of nalinakanthi are discussed from the point of view of compositions, both classical and cinematic.
As a finishing, I have included a small composition of mine in this raga, a western-classical-indian fusion.

Do check out the post here : http://aboutindianmusic.com/2012/03/raga-nalinakanthi-part-2/ and leave your comments and feedback.