Monday, February 20, 2012

Raga Nalinakanthi Part -1

Hi all,

I have new post on the beautiful Raga Nalinakanthi where I have discussed the beautiful, romantic and utterly blissful carnatic raga. It is a raga derived from the major scale raga sankarabharanam. It is very similar in scale to another raga called kedAram. In the post, I have discussed the difference between the two ragas and also given audio clips to help understand the beauty of these ragas.

Do read through it here and leave your comments and questions. => Raga nalinakanthi -1



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  1. hey bro, you would too love this blog, I am also ,like you an engineering student at IISc Bangalore and big fan of Indian music . . . :)
    I wish people someday feel the immensity of what indian music . . . :) It is a heritage worth retaining for the future generations or we will loose big part of heart and soul of india's feel, . . .


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